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Period Poverty

Poverty is defined as not having enough money to meet basic needs. Oftentimes we do not correlate a lack of access to feminine hygiene products as a lack of basic needs. Feminine hygiene tends to be a taboo topic that many people overlook. Here are some important facts that you should know. 
  • 500 million people lack access to menstrual products and hygiene facilities.
  • 16.9 million people who menstruate in the US are living in poverty.
  • Two-thirds of the 16.9 million low-income women in the US could not afford menstrual products in the past year, with a half of this needing to choose between menstrual products and food.

A Seat At The Table has dedicated a portion of it’s services to tackling this issue. We will collect products year around to impact women and teen girls in our community. You can donate by sending a monetary donation by clicking “donate” or purchasing directly from our Amazon Wishlist.